Sacrifice emerges when opportunity presents itself.

Sacrifice is the fruit of a life of love and a worldview that embraces all people as equal.

Indeed, some sacrificial acts end in physical death. But true sacrifice always leads to one kind of death—death to self. Death to impatience, hatred, selfish desires, pride, and resentment.

Just one in a million stories...

For nearly 10 years Kay has walked with Ally, who has borderline personality disorder.

For 10 years, Ally has come in and out of Kay’s life, dropping off her kids for long stretches and disappearing for months on end without communication. And every time she comes back, Kay welcomes her. Why? Because Kay loves Ally, and Ally has no one else to support her.

As a widow, Kay opens up her home to those who are homeless and lonely. She can’t imagine not opening up her home. Love compels her to do it. And if you think it’s easy, just ask Kay. The uncertainty of what will be asked of her on any given day, the unknown of who will be in her house, the chaos of kids and dogs and ins and outs can sometimes be overwhelming, even to her.

This is sacrifice, and this is love. Kay makes herself less so that Ally can be more, 

What makes sacrifice even more remarkable is that it never ascribes differing degrees of value or worth in a decision on whether to act in a sacrificial manner. True heroes demonstrate sacrifice freely, at all times, to every person.

And this is what’s so remarkable about Kay. Although she could feign tiredness or plead for peace and comfort, the love within her compels her to open her home to those who may never reciprocate it. A “thank you” may never be uttered inside the walls of the house, but that matters not. Her sacrifice is indeed the manifestation of a love that can change our world.

Sacrifice looks like:

…the athlete who rises at 4am to practice drills so his team won’t be disappointed and so that he can help his teammates be the best they can be

…the woman who pulls over her car for the homeless woman just to say hi and to acknowledge her presence

…the teacher’s aide, whose hourly wage just barely offsets her own childcare but whose heart is also with her classroom children


At what point in your life have your sacrificed for the sake of others? How do you see those around you sacrificing for the sake of others?