The Heromakers Movement is an emerging movement to change the narrative that too many of us have; namely, that we don't have what it takes to change our world. HM contributors are fully sold on the idea all people matter and that no voice is less important than another. We believe in the power of story, research, and critical thinking. Our contributors come from many backgrounds and are experts in a number of fields--justice, cultural engagement, advocacy, law, ethics, and more.

Laurie Nichols

Founder, Heromakers Movement; Host, Heromakers Podcast

For 15+ years, Laurie has served in key communications, editorial, and publishing leadership positions, overseeing well-known brands in various Christian and non-profit circles. She is author of the forthcoming book The Making of a Hero

Laurie began her journalism career at the Post-Tribune in Valparaiso, IN, before focusing her efforts more specifically on equipping and inspiring international workers around the world through a variety of print and digital means. She has edited and written over a dozen books/curriculum and is continuously looking for what doesn’t exist but needs to, and then bringing those things to life. 

A visionary and strategist, Laurie is fully committed to the flourishing of all people and helping those in the margins to understand how critical they are to impacting our world and those in it for good. Laurie is married and has two awesome kids. 

Ann Chow

Convener & Strategist for Global Organizations; Co-Host, Heromakers Podcast

For 25+ years, Ann’s business skills and breadth of experience bring innovative ideas to global events, system development, project management, and strategic training to empower businesses, organizations, and individuals around the world. 

Since 2010, Ann launched her business and expanded her connections to include the Lausanne Movement, International Justice Mission, the World Evangelical Alliance, International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, Business as Mission, Operation World, Indigitous, effect:hope, Redeemer University, A Rocha Canada and the global tech hub. She is a member of the Board of Directors for Food for the Hungry Canada. 

Ann’s industry expertise, passion for innovation and collaboration continues to empower companies, organisations, and individuals around the world to build towards a more hope-filled future.

Sam Kim

Ethicist, Research Fellow, Church Planter

Rev. Dr. Sam D. Kim is a Harvard-Trained Ethicist and Co-founder of 180 Church NYC. He is a Yale-Hastings Scholar at the Hastings Center, exploring the crisis of professional burnout in academic medicine and clergy. 

Sam was appointed as a Research Fellow in Global Health and Social Medicine at the Center for Bioethics at Harvard Medical School and part of Harvard catalyst, where he explored the inequities surrounding health, immigration and social policies. He is a regular contributor at Christianity Today at The Exchange and is married to his college sweetheart Lydia, is dad to Nathan and Josh, and is best pals with his dog Brownie. 

John C. Richards, Jr.

Discipleship Leader, Lawyer, & Racial Reconciliation Advocate

John consults regularly with churches on leadership, small groups ministry, and curriculum development. John earned his M.Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary and his Juris Doctorate from Howard University School of Law. 

John looks to use his gifts and passions to equip the local church for proper leadership development and discipleship. He also has an ongoing desire to moderate and shape conversations around race and faith in evangelical communities.

Gabby Siefert

Management Consultant, Writer, & Researcher

Gabby is a writer, runner, and food blogger from New Jersey. Gabby serves as a management consultant at Point B where she works to help Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit organizations such as Ferrara Candy and Compassion International grow and thrive. 

Gabby is a graduate of Wheaton College, where she formerly served as editorial assistant and contributor on The Exchange team, where she served a key role in creating content which reached several hundred thousand people. 

Belinda Bauman

Educator, Advocate, & Visionary

Belinda is the founder of One Million Thumbprints, a movement of peacemakers advocating for women in the world’s worst conflict zones, and the visionary and co-leader of the #SilenceIsNotSpiritual Network. She is a speaker and contributor to Newsweek’s The Daily Beast, Red Tent Living, and the Huffington Post. 

After living internationally for a decade in conflict and post-conflict zones, Belinda experienced what she calls a “beautiful collision” with brave women who survive in the most dangerous places in the world. She is author of Brave Souls: Experiencing the Audacious Power of Empathy. Belinda holds a Master of Education in Curriculum Development from Covenant College, a Bachelor’s in Education from the University of Wisconsin, and a training certificate in lay-counseling and trauma therapy from The Allender Center at Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.

Susan Ann Samuel

Lawyer, Advocate, & Communicator

After graduating from Law School, Susan was enrolled at the Bar Council of India. With a passion to socially engineer change through empowerment, she feels called to advocate for the marginalized and the vulnerable in the society and to nurture lives across the globe through her legal career, writings, communications, and public speaking.

Susan is a Lawyer at the District Court Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, and is the author of Unseen Yet Seen.

Katherine Lopez

Social Media Coordinator

Katherine assists with social media for the Heromakers Movement. A recent graduate of Wheaton College (IL), Katherine majored in media communications. Katherine is a newlywed and loves all things reading and English literature. 

Katherine enjoys painting, photography, writing, and interior design. She loves spending time with her friends, husband, and family.

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