When data or numbers rage at us that what we are doing isn’t enough, one thing matters more: faithfulness to the task at hand.

Grit is knowing what we are called to do and doing it with our whole heart, regardless of the obstacles and apparent failures we experience.

We live in a world today that pulls us from thing to thing. There is so much good to advocate for, so many people to care for, so many worthwhile ways to spend our time. When we aren’t careful, we are like the analogy of the distracted dog. “Squirrel!” for many of us, has become our reality. We easily get distracted.

But what if you are called to something different? What if there really is one thing that only you can do to make this world a better place?

Just one in a million stories...

Nearly 10 years ago Ebony sat in a meeting while her friend dreamed up forming a group for young entrepreneurs who have grown up in poverty.

At the time, Ebony was a web developer and only there to support her friend as she launched her idea. Years later, when her friend no longer had time to mentor the emerging leaders, Ebony took on the role herself.

Today, the group continues to grow as those who lack opportunity find creative ways to make their dreams come true. Ebony continues to press on for the sake of these young entrepreneurs who need community and support in order to make this world a better place.

Don’t miss this: Ebony was a web developer with no training in leadership or mentoring. She’s wired for technology and engineering. But her friend’s vision to support those who didn’t have the opportunities she was given moved her to do something she never thought she would do.

Yes, she has excelled at what she knew herself to be good at (web developing), but beyond that, she has also changed the lives of many young entrepreneurs through her leadership and mentoring. Because of grit. Because Ebony knows she was called to take over this role, and she does it with her whole heart.


Grit looks like:

Thinking that your 5K jog looks pathetic next to someone who wins marathons in their age category.

But keeping at it until your 5K jog becomes a long-term practice that leads to a healthier you who inspires others to get healthy. 

Thinking that your singular focus on our your children seems only a shadow compared to the mother who is leading 10 girls each week to become experienced wilderness navigators.

But keeping at it until your investment in your little persons leads you seeing that you have kind and compassionate children who live out the mantra, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” And their love brings hope to the child who is bullied on the playground. 

Thinking that your 9-5 job in customer service at a major retail store seems not as important to the C-Suite executive roles that guide the organization’s goals.

But keeping at it until your outstanding service as a cashier is the highlight of the day for an 85-year-old man who has been abandoned by his family.


Where do you see grit in your own life? And in the lives of those around you?