When we are impartial, we understand that all the differences of race, gender, faith, socio-economics, etc. are good and worth elevating.

We don’t seek the common denominator and reduce our love and our compassion for others to that.

If we are to grasp the concept of true equality, then we must realize that there is no better or worse; there is simply a spectrum of difference replicating the beauty of the rainbow. No one would say the red is more glorious than the yellow or the blue than the purple. All are necessary, and all needed.

Just one in a million stories...

I am part of a local anti-trafficking and sexual exploitation group which reaches out to women caught in the adult entertainment industry with the hopes of helping them and telling them they are not alone, and in fact, are loved.

During one outreach, my friend and I pulled into the parking lot of a massage parlor we had visited several times before. Eager to head inside, I jumped out of the car only to see the front door of the parlor swing open and a guy walk out. Quickly hopping back in the car, my friend and I waited as the customer looked around, got in his SUV, and pulled away.

Good grief. I remember thinking. I hate that guy. I hope something terrible happens to him.

Yeah, that really was my first thought.

But then another thought quickly followed: What in the world is he doing here? I soon began wondering about his life. Did he have a family? Why did he feel the need to come here? Does anyone else know he comes? What is it like to live in that kind of hidden life? Does he even feel shame?

For five minutes, my friend and I talked about that man, and the ‘johns’ who supply the demand for trafficking. In less than ten minutes, I became convinced that anti-trafficking outreach must include a place for johns. Yeah, others knew this way before I did and have been implementing programs and outreaches to help men get out of the chain of addiction.

Equality is so hard because equality demands that even when we want to fight for the marginalized and vulnerable, we can never do so by stripping others of their humanity. We must put aside the desire to demonize in an effort to truly be impartial. We must see the value in all people, even when our eyes are drawn towards only one group.

Impartiality looks like:

The person who is anti-abortion also being the one who has the ability to see why pro-life includes a spectrum of people whose lives are deeply impacted by these types of hard decisions. 

The person who cries out for religious freedom also being the one who recognizes and appreciates the importance of all faith spectrums, even those they may disagree with. 

The person who is pro-capitalism being the one who also fights for the right for all people to have equal access and opportunity to be who they were made to be. 


How do you show equality to all? Who in your life has the ability to see others through a lens of different, but equal?